No cold showers for international pop festival

No cold showers for international pop festival

From pop to metal, from rock to R&B and from hip hop to dance. All these musical styles come together at Pinkpop, the oldest and best-known pop festival in the Netherlands. The three-day event has existed since 1970 and is therefore the world’s longest-running annual pop festival. In short, a renowned event for which Boels Power & HVAC is proud to call itself a supplier.

Tens of thousands of music lovers come every year to the Pinkpop festival and campsite in Landgraaf, the Netherlands. In order to offer festival-goers and campers the right sanitary facilities, the customer, Buro Pinkpop, needs a partner that has amply earned its stripes in this sector. This supplier has to understand that at the start of every Pinkpop festival day, campers must be certain of having a nice hot shower.

Constant capacity

For years, Boels Rental has provided the sanitary fittings for Pinkpop, including the toilets and showers. Boels supplies solutions involving its own shower units, and the shower modules in the tents on the campsite were also devised by the rental company. Due to the large number of showers that we supply to Pinkpop, there was very strong demand for warm water. However, because the use of gas-fired solutions (water heaters) was not permitted, we used mobile boilers that provided constant hot water capacity both for the shower units and the shower modules. Both systems are supplied with hot water by means of 300 kW external mobile boilers. Due to the addition of heat exchangers, festival-goers can enjoy wonderful hot water at a temperature set by us in advance.

Complete package

For the delivery, assembly and inspection of these products, we called on the expertise of Boels Power & HVAC, a part of Boels Rental. With Boels Power & HVAC we offer the craftsmanship that you are entitled to expect from every specialist in the area of climate control. In contrast to the service offered by other experts, customers who come to us can count on receiving a complete package. Not only do we provide you with the product, the knowledge and the expertise, but you also benefit from Boels Rental’s extensive network and strong logistical capabilities.

Jan Smeets, director of Buro Pinkpop: “It is essential for a festival organiser to be able to rely on the knowledge, speed and punctuality of his suppliers. After all the years that we have worked together, we continue to have a good feeling about Boels Rental. Every step and every minute counts. A stoppage or delay can seriously hamper the organisation of the event. Boels Rental understands this more than anyone else. What is more, Boels is a partner that is always there for us and always happy to have a thorough discussion about the best solution. In every detail we can see that our goal is also their goal: to offer all visitors to Pinkpop an unforgettable festival experience.”