Boels keeps a factory's power supply running

Boels keeps a factory's power supply running

The right amount of power exactly when you need it. Sounds impossible, right? Not for Boels Power & HVAC. Take this project of SWA Holland, a sheltered employment organisation in Alphen aan den Rijn. Because one of the factory's transformers had to be replaced because of expansion plans of a tenant, Boels placed a temporary solution in June: four 250 kVA generators in a load-on-demand set-up kept everything running during the shut-down. This allowed the new transformer to be installed without a hitch.

Extremely quiet

The factory manufactures displays for newspapers, postcards and the like. The production processes had to keep going no matter what. Also, the customer did not want its factory employees to experience any inconvenience due to the temporary power equipment. That was not a problem, because Boels’ generators are very quiet. No loud humming, just silence. Everybody can work without being bothered, even the people working close to the generators. We visited the factory so that we could correctly assess whether these generators would be suitable for the project situation, and how many generators the factory could hold. Next, we recorded our findings in a professional design program.


Guaranteed power

When we had a good impression and a detailed design, we were able to start looking for the right solution. Normally, one 1,000 kVA generator would have been sufficient for the customer. But this solution can only work if the power is continuously obtained via peak voltage, and that almost never happens. So the Boels team decided to go through other channels to provide the required 1,000 kVA: a load-on-demand set-up with four 250 kVA generators.

Fuel saving of 30%

This set-up was very successful at the project location. Two generators met the requirements during the day. When there was greater activity, such as when an extra cooling machine was connected, a third generator was needed. When there was a peak voltage, all four generators sprang into action. And at night, when things are quiet, one generator was enough. The set-up literally paid for itself. Our solution saved the customer no less than 30% on fuel!