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Low temperatures in workshops and production halls during winter can lead to delays and even operational shut-downs. Irregular temperatures can furthermore cause machines and electrical installations to malfunction, but also create difficult and unhealthy working conditions for your employees. With the help of the indirectly fired heaters of Boels Power & HVAC, you can continue your work without a problem, even in colder conditions.

The heaters of Boels are extremely user-friendly and can be used for various purposes. Naturally, our heaters are also regularly hired for the comfort of warmth. When outside temperatures reach below freezing point, it's a comforting thought to know you can continue working in a comfortable temperature. If your own heating system isn't quite up to the job or even if it fails, all you have to do is contact the rental specialists at Boels Power & HVAC. We're here to help you in times of need.

To give you an idea of the wide range of our rental products, we would like to tell you a little more about the added value and applicability of the following two products: our diesel heaters and heat pumps.

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Indirect oil-fired air heating

This type of heating, with so-called diesel heaters, generates warm air by means of an indirectly fired boiler. The pure warm air is transported through a flexible air hose to the space that needs to be heated. The air distribution inside the room can take place using an outlet duct, discharge grille or an air distribution hose (ventilation air sock).


  • For additional or emergency heating
  • Always able to keep on working
  • Ultimate user-friendliness
  • Extremely reliable

Heat pump

Our plug-and-play heat pumps can be put to use immediately to provide a comfortable temperature in tents, temporary structures or industrial buildings. Machines of the highest quality that can be used for both cooling and heating purposes.

Diesel heater

Ideal for heating up various types of rooms: our state-of-the-art diesel heaters! These appliances generate warm air through an indirectly fired boiler. The pure warm air is transported through a flexible air hose to the space that needs to be heated.

Air/air heat pump

Our heat pumps, plug-and-play machines of the highest quality, only require an electrical connection. They can be used immediately to create comfortable climate conditions for tents, temporary structures or industrial buildings. The pumps can heat as well as cool, and can be used with or without return-air suction. If you choose to recirculate the inside air, you have the option to add a silencer for a more comfortable and quiet solution. Operating the pump is child's play with the easy-to-use controller.

Boels offers you a choice of several different heaters. The easiest method of heating or drying is by using one of our electric heaters; high-performance products that can be used for construction projects, in workshops, on ships and in temporary accommodation. Combined with building dryers, they can significantly contribute to drying humid spaces.

Are you working on a project that requires additional or emergency heating? Our rental professionals will be happy to tell you more about the many options our wide range of heaters have to offer.

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