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Are you facing a power failure while your project is bound by a tight deadline and you simply can't afford any operational delays? Or are you working on a project that needs a guaranteed uninterruptible power supply? Boels Power & HVAC makes sure your temporary power supply is reliable, enabling you to successfully complete your project with confidence – and energy.

There are plenty of options at Boels. We have a wide range of power generators available, in every desirable configuration, always perfectly maintained and with a highly sound-insulating housing. Our generator sets serve as a mobile power supply for use at events, in party tents, on construction sites, in industry, at hospitals, for emergencies, etc. What's more, they are often used by energy suppliers, TV production companies, the IT sector and the petrochemical industry.

Extremely quiet
The power generators of Boels comply with the very highest standards in terms of quality, safety and the environment, but go even a step further than the standards laid down for noise reduction. The visitors of your event or the staff working on your construction site will still be able to understand each other loud and clear when they're standing close to a running generator of Boels. Noise pollution, especially for local residents near your project, can be kept to the absolute minimum thanks to our quiet power generators.

Would you like to learn more about the power of Boels Power & HVAC to support you with your mobile power supply? The specialists at Boels are happy to sit down with you to see which temporary power solution best fits your project. Contact us any time to personally discuss all the options.

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Boels: the connecting factor

In addition to delivering our machines, our professionals can also ensure that your complete electrical installation is connected and ready to use. Thanks to the extensive range of cables and power distribution boxes, Boels Power & HVAC ensures that the electrical installation on your project works without a single hiccup.

Our cables are equipped with CE connectors or powerlock connectors for the 400 A models. This applies, for instance, to power cables or extension cables. The distribution boxes are robust and compact, set in rubber housing. Both products have been selected based on their high quality and user-friendly application options.

Wherever you need, we can take the work out of your hands. As an example, our experienced technicians can install and connect the entire electrical installations for you. And if desired, we can ensure there is a stand-by technician available who monitors every operation closely and takes care of the fuel management of the installed generators.

Temporary power supply

  • Guaranteed electricity supply without disruptions
  • Highest standards in terms of quality, safety and sustainability
  • Solutions include emergency electricity plans, power plants and Load on Demand
  • In every configuration and always perfectly maintained

Load on demand

An interlinked setup of several smaller generators instead of one large one, which means the machines will operate according to the specific power needs at any particular moment. All generators are then connected with a distribution panel. Up to sixteen generators can be connected to each other. Ideal for projects where a variable power supply is needed! Other advantages: • One generator operates, the others start automatically as the load increases. • As soon as less power is required, the other generators automatically switch off. • No peak voltage or disruptions in the power supply. • Lower emissions and fuel consumption.

Power plants

Synchronised setup of two or more generators connected to one distribution panel (or synchronised with the existing mains power). Instead of installing one large generator, the power supply is spread over several smaller generators that run simultaneously. Up to sixteen generators can be connected to each other. A major advantage is that you won't experience any power disruptions: if one generator fails, the others will take over the power supply.

Emergency power supply plans

Automatic back-up configuration of generators consisting of a generator, a back-up generator and a phase monitor (or an emergency setup connected to the existing mains). The setup is relatively straightforward and starts up the back-up generator within fifteen seconds. As soon as the main generator switches back on, the back-up generator turns off again automatically.

Flexible, intelligent, powerful

Meet the Battery Pack power systems of Boels, the new standard in hybrid energy. With this innovative product, you are always assured of power during your project. What's more, you don't have to worry about noise pollution in the direct vicinity and the risk of operational downtime is brought down to zero.

The Battery Pack can be used, among other things, for (road) construction, industry, events, railway works, Telecom and pumps. This quality product is composed of a diesel fuel management system, an uninterrupted power supply and an independent energy source. Thanks to its intelligent control system, the generator can switch off during periods of low energy use (for example at night). During that period, the Battery Pack very quietly supplies the power needed. This makes it ideal for residential areas!

The advantages of the Battery Pack:

  • Reduces the carbon and CO₂ emissions by up to 50%
  • Quiet power supply
  • Fewer operating hours of the generator
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Easy to move
  • Longer service life

For more information on the Battery Pack, please contact Boels Power & HVAC. Our helpful and friendly specialists will be happy to tell you more about the benefits of the Battery Pack!

That's Boels Power & HVAC!

  • Advice from technical specialists
  • Delivery of a comprehensive solution
  • Installed by qualified technicians
  • Remote monitoring of fuel and machine
  • 24/7 assurance
  • Complete care

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