Drying solutions

Working longer with watertight solutions

Boels Power & HVAC has years of experience with projects (e.g. construction, industry, calamities) involving issues such as flooding or problems with the humidity level. In determining the best drying or humidifying method for your specific situation, or coming to a quick solution to create an ideal climate for your purposes, count on the expertise and reliability of your consulting and rental partner: Boels Power & HVAC.

Whether you're having difficulties attaining the right humidity to process your materials, moisture is trapped inside the structure, or there is water in the insulation, we always have the right solution for your problem at Boels Power & HVAC.

Boels has the widest range of professional equipment and energy-saving solutions for drying and humidifying. In addition to reliable service, excellent availability and the option to carry out a moisture measurement on site, we can ensure there is a technician on stand-by if needed. Above all, our advanced systems allow us to remotely monitor the effectiveness of the installed climate solution 24 hours a day. Everything at one address, quick to implement, easy and cost-efficient.

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Drying: creating the ideal conditions quicker

In the construction industry, delays caused by a less-than-ideal climate or a structure that is too damp often leads to high costs and unwanted frustration. With the professional drying equipment of Boels Power & HVAC, these scenarios are a thing of the past. Avoid downtime, minimise the risk of damage and increase your productivity with Boels.

If your project is in need of a quick and effective drying solution, we are ready to help you out with an extensive range of condensation and adsorption dryers. This way we can shorten your drying time, protect materials, avoid shut-downs, help speed up your (building) process and, at the same time, maintain a comfortable working climate.

Drying solutions

  • Reliable service, excellent availability
  • Optional moisture measurement on site
  • 24/7 monitoring of installed climate solution
  • Quick to install, easy to use and cost-effective

Fire or water damage?

After a fire or a flooding incident, it is important to lower the air humidity as quickly as possible. In cases of water or fire damage whereby a large amount of extinguishing water has been used, it can be necessary to dry the area as soon as possible. Objects that are exposed to water or high humidity for longer periods can unnecessarily incur a lot of damage. When hydrochloric acid (HCL) fumes are released due to a fire (for example due to PVC burning), it is of vital importance that the humidity of the air inside the room is brought down to below 40 percent. This should stop the corrosion process, seeing as HCL fumes cause accelerated corrosion of materials.

Humidification: prevent damage, do away with air that's too dry

The air we work in can sometimes be too dry. The main cause during winter is usually central heating, which heats up the cold outside air and reduces the relative air humidity, often to well under the recommended value of 45-45%.

With an air humidifier of Boels Power & HVAC, you can do away with this problem once and for all. They have an adjustable humidity level, a self-diagnostics system and run extremely quietly. Above all, our humidifiers minimise the risk of static electricity, a dry throat and dry eyes. Amongst others, they are used for print shops, museums, archives, libraries, computer rooms, telephone exchanges and conference rooms.

Steam humidifiers

Did you know that spark gaps can occur quicker when the air is dry, causing possible damage to your electronic equipment or hardware? If this happens in a server room, which is a vital environment that your entire business operations depend on, this could be disastrous. With our steam humidifiers it doesn't have to come to this. The plug-and-play machines provide the ideal solution for humidifying the air in rooms with electronic equipment, thus ensuring your valuable business data is ultimately protected!

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  • Advice from technical specialists
  • Delivery of a comprehensive solution
  • Installed by qualified technicians
  • Remote monitoring of fuel and machine
  • 24/7 assurance
  • Complete care

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