Chillers and air conditioning

Accurate to the degree

If your project calls for a cool approach, then Boels Power & HVAC is the partner you're looking for. You can choose from a wide range of energy-efficient, water-cooled air conditioners, which can be used as additional capacity or emergency cooling, as well as for other applications. Our highly economical and quiet chillers are perfect for use as comfort cooling, in cooling cells where the temperature is under 6 degrees Celsius and for process cooling of industrial spaces such as factories.

In industry and in the event sector, our chillers have always met our customers’ expectations, often even exceeding them! The professional cooling machines of Boels have also proven to be invaluable on many occasions in hospitals and indoor skating rinks. In addition, cooling can be very important in the warehousing and retail industry, specifically with regard to safeguarding product quality. Foodstuffs in particular need to remain properly cooled during transport and storage in order to prevent wastage. In each of the above situations, renting chillers at Boels is your most economically advantageous choice.

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Every temperature you want

Temporary cooling can reduce the risk of operational problems and liability claims as a result of temperatures being too high during maintenance projects. At Boels we have the latest energy-efficient cooling equipment to bring the temperature in every environment down to the desired level and keep it there. Whether it's for comfort cooling or process cooling of spaces, such as server rooms or production halls, we are always nearby to help you prevent damage and/or operational stoppage. Our cooling equipment meets the current laws and regulations and is maintained and installed by experienced technicians, who provide you with quick and expert service.


  • Economical, quiet and environmentally friendly
  • The latest energy-efficient cooling equipment
  • Can be used for comfort and process cooling
  • Avoid damage and/or business interruption

Comfort cooling

When the (work) temperature at your project is too high, it can have a negative effect. One consequence is that your staff become tired quicker, which delays their work and productivity. With our chillers, you can always work in ideal temperatures. Accurate to the degree, that's Boels!

Cold stores

Proper cooling in the warehousing and retail industry is of great importance, especially when it comes to maintaining product quality. Foodstuffs in particular need to remain properly cooled during transport and storage in order to prevent wastage. Do you need temporary cooling for cold stores where temperatures drop below 6 degrees Celsius? We have the right chillers for the job!

Process cooling

Every minute of idle time in production costs money. Companies that experience trouble like this, call on our process cooling specialists for help. We provide assistance in factories and production facilities where cooling equipment has broken down. We ensure that production processes can continue to function by connecting our own chiller(s) to the cooling equipment on site.

Air conditioning

Has the cooling process on-site or at your project site broken down? Boels brings peace of mind by providing versatile, silent and compact air-conditioning equipment. A professional cooling machine that does what it was developed to do: blow cold air in. Its sturdy frame ensures that it is very stable and suitable for lifting if necessary. It can be used in a variety of locations including hospitals, office buildings and warehouses.

Ultimate user-friendliness

All chillers in our rental assortment are extremely quiet and environmentally friendly. Thanks to their compact and robust design, they can also easily be placed in almost every project situation. Our chillers are available with a heat pump, which can be connected to an air handler or an existing system, and are equipped with an internal pump.

Would you like to know what the chillers from Boels can do for your company or project? Then don't hesitate to contact our specialists for detailed information and relevant examples from practice.

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